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Found your site and will visit next time in Bellingham. I lived on Lake Whatcom and looking for pics/history of the NP line from Bellingham to Wickersham. I lived on the N Shore side of the lake and train past by daily. Want to see or buy some pics of trains on that line.
3 November 2008 - Tacoma

The Conours
This is a "must see" museum to take yourself, your family and friends. Our 3 1/2 yr old son asks every week to go play. He loves Fred, the Director. Lots of toys and more for infants, toddlers and all ages. A great place for parents, grandparents, family/friends to relax while the kids playing. Thank you!!
18 December 2007 - Bellingham, WA

Marla Jones
I would like to donate some boxes of train stuff, track and misc cars (no engine) to the museum. How do I do this?
23 November 2007 - Fairhaven WA

Terry H.
Hello! I've heard of your museum but have never the occasion to visit. I will change that soon! I'm interested in your lantern display as I have an old red glass rail lantern. Perhaps I could bring it by sometime & show you? Let me know if your interested. Take care.
18 November 2007 - Bellingham, WA

Thomas Smith
I just heard of the Museum and will visit it soon Thanks
18 December 2006 - Bremerton WA

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